Chinese American Citizens Alliance

National Board

Official Texas Historical Marker Dedicated to Chinese Texans and Civil Rights

Houston, TX, May 23, 2014 — Buoyed by a large gathering of bipartisan elected officials and members of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Houston Lodge, Houston Chinese Community Historian and Past Houston Lodge President Dr. Edward C.M. Chen and his family formally unveiled the long-awaited historical marker dedicated to Chinese Texans and Civil Rights. The marker dedication, held on April 5, 2014 at the Bayland Park Community Center, signified the arrival of Chinese to the state of Texas in the 1870s and notes the similar struggles endured by all Chinese during the years to attain the same rights to citizenship, political and economic opportunities afforded to all who live in the United States.

Debra Blacklock Sloan, Marker Dedication Chair of the Harris County Historical Commission, presented the marker proclamation to the families of Dr. Chen and wife, Eugenie, Mrs. Jane Gee (widow of Past National President Albert Gee), her daughters, Janita R. Gee and Linda Gee Wu and husband Judge Ted Wu. Greetings and congratulatory remarks were also given by Deputy Director John Chi of the Republic of China on Taiwan, Texas State Reps. Sarah Davis and Gene Wu, past Houston Lodge President and Judge Theresa Chang and C.A.C.A. National President Ed Gor.

"This is a significant milestone of pride and recognition for the settlement by the early Chinese to Texas, particularly in San Antonio and Houston. It also furthers one of our key objectives to preserve our rich cultural heritage in all areas around the country where Chinese made their mark in America," noted Gor. "I hope all Alliance members will research the history of their communities and consider if contributions by our forbears can be considered and marked for historical significance.”