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2014 National Essay Contest Winners Announced

Students Comment on How Mainstream Media Views Chinese In America

The National Education Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 National Essay Contest sponsored by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance. Conducted March 1, 2014 and open to all students enrolled in high school (grades 9-12), participants are given up to two hours to compose an essay in English, not to exceed 500 words, on a contemporary topic concerning the Chinese and Asian American communities.

The essay topic is presented at the time of the contest. This year’s participants were asked to comment on the viewpoint of American mainstream media.

“In recent decades, the emergence and growing influence of China has continually made headlines in the mainstream American media. All aspects of Chinese society have come under scrutiny, from its political ideology to human rights, from manufacturing and economic growth to the environment, from athletics to education.

Do you believe the coverage and depiction of China by the American media is fair and accurate? How do you think these media reports affect the attitudes of Americans toward China and Chinese people? How are your own attitudes toward China similar to or different from those reflected in American media?”

Representing 13 chapters from across the country, 102 students participated in this year’s contest. We are very gratified by this outstanding showing of talented essayists. Congratulations to this year’s top authors for their accomplishment!

Judged to have this year's top essay was First Place winner, Alex Du of Peninsula Lodge, who was awarded to top prize of $1,000, followed by Second Place finisher, Lawrence Luo of Oakland ($700) and Third Place recipient, Christina Huang of Seattle ($500). This year's Merit Award winners of $100 each were: (listed alphabetically) Elaine Cheung (Los Angeles/GSGV), Madyson Harlan (Portland), Kenneth He (Los Angeles/GSGV), Phoebe Huynh (Portland), Mavey Ma (Salinas), Amy Tan (Los Angeles/GSGV), Hailey Tang (Phoenix), Chaney Tse (Los Angeles/GSGV), Stephen Tung (Washington DC) and Nikki Wong (Portland).

Editor’s Note: National Executive VP and Education Committee Chairman, Davace Chin, is the National Essay Contest Coordinator who organizes the logistics and judging of all entries among a team of respected educators. Local Lodge contest coordinator/volunteers proctor the essay contest at local venues. (2014-06-09)