Chinese American Citizens Alliance

National Board

Paul Wong

National Compliance Officer

A past National Vice President, Planning, Paul Wong previously represented the Greater San Gabriel Valley Lodge (GSGV) as its National Representative. He also served two terms as President of the GSGV lodge. In 2009, he chaired the lodge’s Convention Planning Committee, which hosted the Alliance’s 50th Biennial National Convention.

Professionally, Paul retired from the County of Los Angeles after more than 38 years of dedication in various department. His last assignment was with the Department of Beaches and Harbors, responsible for design and delivery of coastal capital projects such as construction of marinas and boat storage facilities. Previously he served briefly as Chief of Planning and, from 2000 to 2010, as Chief of Asset Management Division, responsible for maximizing the County’s revenue from its crown jewel real estate portfolio, which included Marina del Rey and miles of beaches. During the decade when he was at the helm lease revenue increased an average over $10 million per year. The Department also received several one‑time payments, including one $6 million check and a $20 million check from a single ground lease when the multi‑family property was sold in two back‑to‑back mergers.

Paul is well verse in all aspects of real estate. He also enjoys unique construction challenges such as keeping berthing structures afloat on the sea and planting houses firmly on steep hillsides previously though impossible to build. He designed and constructed his own home in Alhambra, California, on a steep slope at a budget on par with the cost of his neighbor’s foundation. In his spare time Paul enjoys international travel, mountain hiking, and investing.

From a very humble background, Paul is a living proof that the American Dream is still alive. Arrived in Los Angeles penniless, he refused all public assistance and went right to work. He crashed on a friend’s couch and occasionally slept on the mean streets of East Los Angeles on days he could not get a ride home after getting off work at the predawn hours. Paul went on to earn his undergraduate and graduate degrees while working multiple jobs and raising a family. The determination, industrious work ethic and commonsense investment success allowed Paul to take an early retirement in 2015 and enjoy traveling the world and volunteer for more good causes.